Eunice Fonseca

Were you ever one of those little girls who would get lost in dreams? Well, I’ve been one of those girls for as long as I can recall. I remember watching TV shows, especially Sex & the City behind my parents’ back, and fantasizing about becoming a successful designer or a fashionable business woman. Creativity has always been one of my family’s most notable characteristics and it was highly encouraged. I remember the time that my parents were not being able to afford to buy me a yearbook for my sixth-grade graduation. I was probably the only one without one, but that didn’t stop me. I created my own yearbook with upcycled paper, old books, and pictures that I collected through the year. My desire to create just escalated from there.

My maternal grandmother was a seamstress. I clearly remember her sitting at her 1900s sewing machine and tending my grandfather’s clothing, among other garments. I loved to watch her work and hoped that the antique would one day be mine. She was a huge influence in my career.

My mother loves to sew by hand and is the queen of DIY. There’s a fabric store in Long Beach that’s been around as long as I can remember and my mother frequented it. She loved to collect the textiles for her creations. She can make something incredible out of
nothing. We never really had money to splurge, so she would even go as far as making my Barbie’s clothes and they were better than what you could buy in store! As I got older, I began asking my Mom to give me her old fabric and I would alter my garments according to my style.

My father was a businessman with incredible style and a knack for fashion. When I went on my first date, he bought my outfit and altered it for me because it was too long. He worked for a fashion company in LA when I was younger, but it eventually closed down, so he was forced to hustle. If he didn’t, we had no money to bring home. He would sell
clothing and I would often go with him to pick up the profits and do deliveries. I saw firsthand the dedication put into the distribution
and sale of clothing through him.

I’ve always been different. I never really wanted what a lot of other girls wanted. I always wanted to stand out. My passion really developed in my high school years. Fashion was a big statement for me and I would always have new ideas. I loved Gossip Girl a show that aired in 2007 (and still do!) it turned out to hugely impact my style. My high school’s uniform consisted of drab and boring white, beige, and blue pieces. I would dream of having the uniforms that they wore on the show. The glam the lux of the amazing pieces worn was spectacular and influenced me with my prom dress. Now, my dress was not new new. My mother and I went looking for something we could afford, so we headed to David’s Bridal’s clearance section. We found the most amazing emerald dress with a cross neck and diamonds all over. We paid $30 for it and altered the bottom to turn it into a mermaid shape. I swear, that was the best dress ever!

My father passed away just before Christmas 2007. It was the hardest year of my life. He wanted me to become a doctor like my grandfather, but I never showed interest. I took some paralegal classes right after high school but I was miserable! I hated the classes so much. I eventually took business classes as part of my major and I loved it so
much that I changed majors. I also began taking fashion design classes at this time.

To be continued…

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