I am a very busy mom and wife- I work full time on multiple projects and put my all into my endeavors. I enjoy socializing with my family, girlfriends, and relaxing with a nice glass of wine. I have a passion for fashion and I am so excited to be able to direct my creativity towards “THEE GIRL”.
           A L L  A B O U T   T H E E G I R L
THEE GIRL is a big statement; the overall goal is to obtain unique garments that will flatter any size and shape. Any girl can rock these outfits and be “THEE GIRL”. The selected garments that are chosen will make you look and feel your absolute best!
It all started as a hobby; I’ve always had an eye for thrifting fashionable items to resell. Not to mention, I owned a handmade kid's hair accessory shop called “LBTOTS”. We unfortunately closed about 2 years ago. I decided to get a corporate job but I hated that life.  I loved that feeling of being my own “Boss Lady”. I woke up one Monday and decided to just go for it and finally do something I love and have a passion for.
          W H A T  I S  B E A U T Y  T O  Y O U ? 
“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself”
I love this quote because I believe that beauty is being yourself and not being afraid to show it.

         D  O  Y O U  H A V E  A  F A V O R I T E  P I E C E  F R O M  Y O U R  S H O P ?
All the pieces are totally my favorite! They fit any kind of girl and you can style it any way you want. My go-to outfit would definitely be a black dress because uhmm you can never go wrong with a little black dress lol! You can go from a nice dinner to a kid's birthday party with it. I just love those little black dresses!
           T I P S  F O R  F E M A L E  E N T R E P R E N E U R S
The best advice I can give to those new female entrepreneurs is to not give up. It’s definitely a bumpy road, but never give up on your dreams. Always think big and be different than others. Never think of making money; if you help others by making life easier, the money will start flowing. Wear your heart on your sleeve because this is you.